Mass loaded vinyl sound barriers
Isomat is our brand name for soundproofing products that are also referred to as mass loaded vinyl. We can offer three different types of 'mass loaded vinyl' sound barriers as described below. Isomat is used to increase the insulation of light weight structures, such as wooden subfloors in homes, to insulate a ships deck/floor or to improve the insulation of light doors. Adding mass is essential in almost any form of noise insulation. Isomat is heavy, but relatively thin so the product doesn't take up a lot of space. 

Isomat KE
These soundproofing sheets are made of recycled old tyres and contain rubber and steel particles, to add more mass. This gives these sheets a particularly high density, up to 14 kg/m². Isomat KE is suitable for soundproofing light surfaces, such as doors, wood timber floors, plasterboard walls and floors the floor in vessels. Isomat KE has a jute fiber inlay for better adhesion of glue. The more a mass, Isomat, you can apply, the better the result.

Isomat TS
Isomat TS is also a mass loaded vinyl which acts as a sound barrier when soundproofing wooden floors, plasterboard walls and light doors. We recommend to use Isomat KE or TS to use as a soundproofing core glued between two layers of plywood or plasterboard. This creates a heavy and very stiff base for a partition wall or wood timber floor Isomat TS can be used in CE certified build yachts.

Isomat FM (vehicle floor mat)
This supple acoustic floor mat is suitable to soundproof floors in vehicles, for example campervan, classic cars and lorries. Isomat FM is usually used in combination with bitumen damping sheets, such as Vibraflex. This product can also serve as insulating upholstery. (Isomat FM is not suitable for insulating buildings).

Our range of Mass Loaded Vinyl products: