Isomat KE
When searching the internet for products such as Isomat, people often use the term 'mass loaded vinyl'. These sound-insulating boards, with a particularly high density are suitable for insulating light surfaces such as doors, floors, walls and ship floors. By adding mass the insulation value increases. The higher the mass of a surface, the higher the insulation value.

Isomat TS
Sound-insulating plate used for insulating light constructions such as wooden floors, light (system) walls and doors. Also Isomat KE is used as an insulating core in sandwich applications, for example glued between two layers of wood or plasterboard. Isomat isolates airborne noise and resonance in light sheet material.

Isomat FM (Floor mat)
Plastic-based mass plate are extremely suitable for luxery yacht building, for example for insulating the deck, hatch and floor. Functions on the basis of the same principle as Isomat KE: acoustic insulation by adding mass. Isomat is also suitable for applications in homes, for example for insulating floors, walls and doors. The heaviest type weighs 24 kg/m².

The acoustic floor mat is suitable for insulating floors in vehicles, for example campers, oldtimers and trucks. Isomat FM is usually used in combination with anti-drumming materials, such as Vibraflex or STP. This product can also serve as insulating interior cladding. (Isomat FM is not suitable for insulating buildings).

  1. Isomat FM
    Isomat FM
    Sound-insulating floor mat
    • Plastic sheet with a resilient layer of PVC foam
    • Sound insulating
    • Suitable as a floor mat in, among other things, campers, trucks, tractors

    Starting at £60.24

    (incl. tax)
  2. Isomat KE Fiber
    Isomat KE Fiber
    Sound-insulating mat
    • Heavy plastic ground plane
    • Sound insulating
    • Resistant to water, oil and many solvents and cleaning agents

    Starting at £27.00

    (incl. tax)
  3. Isomat TS
    Isomat TS
    Insulations for light materials/wood
    • Mass loaded vinyl
    • Sound insulating
    • For flat surfaces

    Starting at £26.15

    (incl. tax)