Insulating Devices

What is the problem? Apparaten isoleren
Devices like pump installations for an aquarium or a swimming pool, but also noisy compressors produce an uninterupted tone that is undesirable for the surroundings. The devices often switch on at undesired times, thereby causing nuisance. The surrounding environment is often left with airborne noise and/or indoor (or neighbouring) airborne and contact noise. Whatever product you use, always pay close attention to ventilation!

What is the solution for airborne noise?
To isolate the noise of a device, it is necessary to place a housing over the device. A housing must meet three important requirements; mass, decoupling and ventilation. A good housing is made from heavy sheet material, for example multiplex weighted with Isomat TS. Mass = Insulation. Make the housing spacious inside, leaving enough space to equip it with absorption material. The requirements the absorption material has to meet, depend on the situation.

What is the solution for contact noise?

The vibrations or resonances coming from the device are isolated with Regufoam. This vibration isolation creates a seperation between the source and the floor on which it stands. It is not necessary to equip the entire floor area under the appliance with vibration isolation. For non-industrial equipment and machines, Regufoam parts of 100 x 100 x 25 mm usually suffice. The amount you need and the density depend on the weight and size of the device or machine. Regufoam with a thickness of 12 mm is used for machines such as a lathe (high speed) or when little space is available.

Absorbent material
You can use an absorption material without a top layer for clean and dry appliances. We recommend using Acusticab, Merfocell PU or Flamex PU for devices that leak moisture or oil, in which case you shouldn't forget to tape the seams with Acustitape. Use Flamex GW or Aluglass 15S for appliances that produce high temperatures.

Industrial devices or complex machines
In some situations it is better to make a calculation to find out the appropriate type of Regufoam necessary to decouple your machines. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a calculation of the decoupling of your machine(s).

On our tips page you will find the step-by-step plan device housing for making a housing. There is also a tips page for reducing an air conditioning and heat pump installation.

Below you will find the products for insulating devices and machines

  1. Merfodamp
    Anti-drumming and absorption sheet
    • Absorbs and isolates sound
    • Oil, moisture and dirt-proof top layer
    • For machines, vessels and vehicles

    Starting at £87.88

    (incl. tax)
  2. Aluglass
    Sound-absorbing sheet
    • Fiberglass mat with sturdy aluminium foil top layer
    • Sound-absorbing, heat-resistant panel
    • Good alternative to flammable foam products

    Starting at £51.13

    (incl. tax)
  3. Isomat TS
    Isomat TS
    Insulations for light materials/wood
    • Mass loaded vinyl
    • Sound insulating
    • For flat surfaces

    Starting at £26.15

    (incl. tax)
  4. Merfocell FC
    Merfocell FC
    Heat Resistant absorption
    • Glass fibre cloth (FC) top layer
    • Moisture and heat-resistant
    • Applicable in engine compartments

    Starting at £57.96

    (incl. tax)
  5. Merfocell PU
    Merfocell PU
    Sound absorption with a top layer
    • Oil and moisture resistant top layer
    • Sound absorption
    • Self adhesive

    Starting at £32.40

    (incl. tax)
  6. Flamex FC
    Flamex FC
    Absorption plate
    • Fiberglass cloth (FC) top layer
    • Heat-resistant Max. 150 degrees
    • For boats and vehicles

    Starting at £52.97

    (incl. tax)
  7. Acousticcell PU
    Acousticcell PU
    Dirt-resistant absorption foam
    • Moisture and dirt repellent
    • Application including engine compartment
    • Hygienic areas

    Starting at £28.01

    (incl. tax)
  8. Flamex PU
    Flamex PU
    Dirt-resistant Absorption Panel
    • Melamine foam with PU top layer
    • Sound-absorbing panel with oil, moisture and dirt-resistant top layer
    • Equipped with adhesive

    Starting at £32.39

    (incl. tax)

Sound insulation and acoustics in your home
More information about device insulation, door insulation, floor insulation and reducing reverberation in your home can be found on the page Sound insulation and acoustics in your home.