Bitumen damping sheet and anti-drumming
Vibraflex is a bitumen damping sheet to isolate vibrations in sheet metal, aluminum or polyster. Bitumen damping sheets are also referred to as anti-drumming or deadener sheets. These products give the same result as holding a bell with your hands while try to ringing it, it gives a dull sound, the acoustical them is anti-drumming. Vibraflex isolates the vibrations that give a bell sound. Vibraflex is a flexible and self-adhesive damping product, very effective for insulation of vehicles, sheet metal machinery enclosures and in boat, yacht and ships.
Vibraflex is used for the insulation of vehicles, yacht- and shipbuilding, but also for deadening sounds of facade claddings, and steel stairways. Anti-drumming product give the best result when the mass of the surface is doubled (or close to that). We can offer two anti-drumming sheet products, Vibraflex UF (ultra flexible) and Vibraflex packed in practicle sized boxes. Read more about anti-drumming on our tips page “What is Anti-drumming”.