Decoupling Strips for Floors and Walls

Decoupling Strips to insulate impact noise
Polypress Strips are used to decouple a floor or wall to isolate them from the rest of a building preventing impact noise. When installing a floating floor, it is important that this floor doesn't touch the walls anywhere. When this is still the case, vibrations can be transmitted to the construction causing impact noise to downstairs neighbours or adjacent rooms. Before installing a floating floor, wall or ceiling, first attach vibration-isolating Polypress Strips on the existing construction, being the wooden beams, on which the floor or wall can be placed. Polypress Strips are self-adhesive with a density of 300 kg/m³. Since these strips are mostly used to decouple or insulate wooden construction floor, you might want to read our guide on wooden floor insulation as well.

Below you will find the products described to decouple walls and floors.