Akotherm Polyester Wool

Acoustic panels and sound insulation made from polyester wool 
Akotherm products are sturdy acoustic polyester wool products to improve room acoustics, fill acoustic panels and insulate sound and heat. Akotherm contains both absorbing and thermal insulating properties and is an excellent alternative to mineral wool. Various sizes are available in two density types, expressed in D20 and D40 (20 and 40 kg/m³). The Akotherm range:

Akotherm Basic D40 - Basic Acoustic Panel
Akotherm Basic  
This Akotherm variant, with a density of 20 kg/m³, is often used as a cavity filling for thermal insulation, as a filling for acoustic panels, often behind a thin fabric. Akotherm Basic has a woolly structure at the back side and is slightly compacted at the front. In situations where the aesthetic value matters less, this product can also be used to improve the acoustics, for example in a noisy factory or production hall.

Akotherm SF
Polyester wool at its finest. A special Akotherm variant that is suitable in visible places to adjust or improve the acoustics in any type of room. Akotherm SF can be mounted against a wall and/or ceiling in a living room, office, class room or studio for room acoustic purposes to reduce reverberation. Akotherm SF (smooth finish) has a density of 40 kg/m³, a special finishing process made both sides smooth. This results in an aesthetically pleasing product and facilitates the application of adhesive.

Akotherm Edge
Improving room acoustics with a tight budget? Akotherm Edge is a panel with faceted edges wich makes the product a little bit more interesting when it comes aesthetics. A attractively priced sound absorbing acoustic panel for budget projects to improve the acoustics in various spaces, from living rooms to music studios. This acoustic panel has some impressive absorbent properties in this price category. Easy to install with our Stauf Extreme Tack.

Akotherm acoustic polyester wool product range


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