Acoustic foam
Merfocell (named after our company Merford) is a range of different sound absorbing products. The range consists of three different absorption prodcuts, all provided with a strong self adhesive backing, so no glue needed. Merfocell absorption products are often used in combination with insulation or anti-drumming products. Merfocell sound absorbers are not used to improve room acoustics in buildings. You can find our room acoustic products on this page, acoustic panels.

Merfocell PU
Insulate and absorb noise and sound with Merfocell PU, an absorption product with an oil- and moisture-proof top layer. This Merfocell variant, provided with a CE quality label, can be used to insulate engine noise in boats, yachts and ships. And for the insulation of equipment and machine enclosures up to a temperature of ± 80°c.

Merfocell FC
Sound absorbing foam sheets provided with an impact resistant glass cloth fabric top layer. Merfocell FC is also provided with a CE quality label, and can be used in yachts, ships, equipment and machine housings up to a temperature of ± 100°c.

Merfocell Burl
Sound absorbent material, also refererd to as Egg Crate Foam, without a top layer, suitable in dry and moist free spaces. Merfocell Burl foam is used for absorbing noise from devices and machines in housings and casings up to a temperature of about 80°c. (In the past, entire studios used to be covered with this material, please don't. Instead look at this page.

Our Merfocell sound absorber products


Sound absorbers and insulation
For more sound absorbing and noise insulation products you can take a look on our "Sound Absorbers" page. If you have any question or want to receive a product sample, just let us know.