Vibration Isolation, Universal Dampers to Reduce Impact Noise

Vibration Dampers to isolate impact noise and resonances
Use our vibration dampers to isolate a variety of impact noise sources, such as household appliances, refrigerator, computer case, hifi components, mobile air conditioning, fitness equipment and even your piano. The vibration dampers are made of Regufoam, a high-quality and very resilient polyurethane foam with elastic properties to endure long periods of stress.
Piano coasters and damper
Vibration dampers to insulate contact noise
In our range you will find the following dampers for various applications in and around the house.
  • Hifi Damper Pads
    Vibration dampers to decouple small devices such as computer cases, game consoles, Hifi componants, turntables, CD players, loudspeakers.
  • Regufoam Damper Pads
    Vibration-isolating pads for decoupling dryers, mobile air conditioners, heat recovery units, pumps, and compressors.
  • Regufoam Vibration Insulation
    Multiple vibration insulation sheets to isolate all kinds of resonating source. Place Regufoam on a foundation with a load-bearing plate between the product and the device or machine.
  • Piano Dampers
    Acoustic piano coasters for a resonance-free setup of (grand) pianos (up to 500 kg).

How to reduce impact noise? Guides to solve impact noise problems
Can't find a solution for your impact noise problems? Our Tips Page about Regufoam Vibration Insulation might have a solution. We are also happy to give you advice, just contact us with all of your questions. For industrial applications, where heavy machinery is a noise problem, it's also better to contact us first.

Products to decouple devices and machines.


Vibration insulation and impact noise dampers
Reduce vibrations from all sorts of equipment, machines and appliances. Contact noise and impact noise can vibrate throughout buildings and become a problem for neighbours or to yourself. Good example is an air conditioner on a wooden floor, treadmill, drum kit or home trainer.