Vibration-isolating product which is used to decouple heavy objects, i.e. to install them vibration-free. When insulating vibration, its source is decoupled from its foundation, resulting in a reduction of impact noise. Regupol rubber granulate strips are suitable for decoupling heavy appliances, machines and walls. The strips can also be installed inbetween the facade and pavement in order to reduce impact noise. Regupol Comfort is suitable for decoupling screeds to reduce impact noise, both in residential and non-residential constructions. Additional information about the application of Regupol can be found on the various product pages.


  1. Regupol Comfort 7
    Regupol Comfort 7
    Sub floor vibration isolation
    • PU elastomer
    • Vibration insulation screeds
    • Can be used with underfloor heating

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