Regupol Acoustic Underlay & Soundproofing

Regupol Acoustic Underlay Impact noise insulationAcoustic underlay for soundproofing floors
Regupol Comfort is a vibration insulation product to reduce and soundproof impact noise from- and to neighbours and adjacent buildings. This Regupol product can be used as a subfloor to decouple concrete screed floors and concrete slabs and hold up to 500 kg/m². Decoupled screed / concrete floor reduces impact sound from footsteps in apartments and flats, equipment and machinery in a factory and workplace.

More use for this acoustic insulation, soundproof underlay 
Due to its low thickness of 7 mm, this product is ideal for rooms with low ceilings and still have excellent insulating value. Regupol Comfort acoustic underlay can, in combination with a 50 mm screed floor, isolate up to 24 dB(a). This impact insulating product can also be used as an underlay for concrete slab underneath a washing machine or dryer. Additional information about the application of Regupol can be found on the product page. If you need any advise on how to solve acoustical issues just let us know