Vibration Isolation & Impact Noise Insulation Sheets

Vibration isolation to reduce impact noise
Structure born sound, contact noise and impact noise are terms used to describe the sound produced by an object hitting another object. Most common are footsteps (high heels) from upstairs neighbours, vibrations from a washing machine. Other sources that produce impact noise are compressors, outdoor air conditioning units and fitness equipment, hometrainer, treadmill e.g.

This page holds vibration isolation sheets Regufoam, a high-quality polyurethane foam, which isolates (decouples) sources that generate vibration (resonance). Regufoam is mostly used in smaller pieces that act as feet under a plate that carries the vibrating source. Also on this page is Regupol Comfort 7, an acoustic underlay for screed floors and concrete floors, to isolate a floor to avoid impact noise such as footstep and appliances placed on the floor, in flats and apartments.

How to isolate impact noise and vibrations Vibration isolation, impact noise insulation
The rigidity of Regufoam is expressed in colour and density, D150, D220, D300 and D400. You select a Regufoam type and thickness, 12 or 25 mm, depending on the weight of the source that you would like to isolate. In order to isolate a source you can use a few pieces of Regufoam. For most non-industrial applications we recommend to cut a sheet of Regufoam in eight equal sized pieces, about 120 x 120 mm, and place them under a source with a stiff plate, concrete slab or plywood, in between to distribute the load.

On the Regufoam page we explain which type to use for different loads on the product. We also provide a guide on our tips page "Regufoam Vibration Insulation". For industrial applications and heavy machinery, it is better to contact us first. We gladly calculate the amount of Regufoam needed for application.

Regupol Comfort is an acoustic underlay used to decouple screed floors to prevent impact noise in buildings or to create floating studio floor, isolate washing machine and other applicances. Regupol is also used to isolate concrete slabs on which vibrating sources can be placed without causing sound problems. Look for more information on the product page of Regupol Comfort. And as always, contact us for advice or product samples.

Products to isolate impact noise and vibration sources

  1. Regufoam | Trillingisolatie |Variant D150
    Vibration isolation foam
    • Mixed Cell Polyurethane Foam
    • Execellent Vibration Isolation
    • Reduces impact noise

    Starting at £14.52

    (incl. tax)
  2. Regufoam Damper Pads
    Regufoam Damper Pads
    Vibration dampers, set of 4 dampers
    • Reduces and isolates vibrations
    • For appliances & sport equipment
    • Very easy to install

    Starting at £19.66

    (incl. tax)
  3. Regupol Comfort 7
    Regupol Comfort 7
    Acoustic underlay, Soundproofing floors
    • Acoustic underlay PU elastomer
    • Vibration insulation screeds
    • Can be used with floor heating

    Starting at £51.47

    (incl. tax)