How to soundproof against noisy neighbours?

How to soundproof against noisy neighbours?
To soundproof your home against noise from neighbours, you first need to understand what you can do against noisy neighbours, which soundproofing products you need, and kind of noise you are dealing with. There are two types of noise that can cause problems, airborne noise and impact noise, also referred to as contact noise. We have broad range of soundproofing products and solutions to deal with both airborne- and impact noise. Let’s start by giving you some insight in these types of noise:

Airborne noise from neighbours
Airborne noise are sound waves that travel by air, such as music, voices and traffic noise. Some examples of airborne noises coming from noisy neighbours are: A neighbour listening to the 9 o’clock news with maximum volume, screaming kids, barking dogs and loud music. To reduce airborne noise from neighbours you need to soundproof the wall(s) or ceiling between two flats or houses depending on the situation. We explain more on soundproofing when you choose your situation by one of the three buttons below. 

Impact noise from neighbours
Impact noise (or contact noise) are vibrations in matter that become audible or sensible. The most common are: ticking noise of high heels from upstairs neighbours, footsteps, slamming doors, knocking sounds, washing machine e.g. The best result to reduce impact noise is obtained by isolating the source that produces and causes the noise problem. For example: to reduce impact noise from an outdoor air conditioning unit on a roof, the unit should be placed on vibration insulation, this isolates the unit from the roof, this way vibrations cannot be transferred in to the roof. Soundproofing the ceiling underneath the unit hardly makes any difference, the roof stil resonates because the unit is still connected to the roof, impact noise will still be audible. The source that produces the impact noise should be isolated, not the ceiling underneath.

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How to reduce impact noise and vibrations from and to neighbours?
On our Tips Page we have multiple guides to insulate and isolate all sorts of impact noise sources. Loudspreakers, subwoofers, refrigerator, all sorts of solutions to insulate and isolate noise that might cause sound problems.

How to reduce airborne noise from and to neighbours?
If you are bothered by noise from loud neighbours, or the other way around, you might find a solution on our House-page. There you will the most common sound problems between two or more neighbours. Can't find a solutions to your noise problems? Just let us know, we are happy to advice and help you.