Acoustic Door Grille & Drop Seals for Doors

Acoustic Door Grille and Drop Seals for more silent ventilation
Silent ventilation of a room implies that fresh air is blown in to a room, preferably with a silent ventilation unit, and air to be exhaust from a room. In a house air is most likely to be exhaust to an adjacent space by a gap underneath the door, or via a round air duct. This will cause leakage of sound without special measures. To exhaust air from a ventilated room you can use an Acoustic Door Grille. An acoustic door grille is equipped with some absorbring material and has a certain shape. This reduces the leakages of sound.

Drop Seals for doors to avoid a sound leak
When you make use of a silent ventilation unit and an Acoustic Door Grille you have insulated noise from outside during the ventilation of a room, and reduced some noise from escaping the room. But you're still left with the gap between the door and floor, a sound leak. The bigger the gap, the bigger the sound leak. To close this gap and to stop sound leaking from a the room you can install an Elton Drop Seal on the door, or in the door. Depending on the size of the gap, a Drop Seal can makes a huge difference!

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