Acousticcell VSP/ALU

Acousticell VSP
Absorption plate with a perforated artificial leather, decorative top layer. This product is often used in vehicles and vessels as headliner or wall covering. Acousticell VSP can be applied on a flat surface, this material does not bend due to the firm top layer. Because the top layer of this product is perforated, it is not suitable for (dirty) engine compartments. It is also better not to use this product in public areas because of fire safety.
Acousticell ALU
Sound-absorbing foam material with a heat-resistant top layer of reinforced aluminum foil for applications related to housings (machine and machine construction), yacht and shipbuilding and vehicles. Suitable for application on a flat surface. It is a material that cannot bend because of the hard top layer. We recommend to tape the seams with the self-adhesive Isotape Alu.
  1. Acousticcell ALU
    Acousticcell ALU
    Absorption foam plate
    • PU foam with aluminium top layer
    • Oil, moisture and heat-resistant top layer, reinforced with fiberglass mesh.
    • Equipped with a sticker

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