Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic baffles to improve room acoustics
Acoustic baffles are sound-absorbing elements that are installed vertically to a ceiling. Baffles are 3D objects and therefor absorb sound from all sides reflected from high walls and ceiling. This makes acoustic baffles very efficient in use. Acoustic baffles are used in large open spaces such as schools, production facilities, factories and office spaces with high ceilings. Those spaces often have long reverberation times, reverberation is more like an echo.
The use off acoustic baffles is a better solution than wall mounted acoustic panels.

Merford UK and Acousticshop can manage large acoustic projects to improve the acoustics in your facility. We see these  projects as custom made solutions where we calculate and investigate the need of products and give you guidance for the best possible solution. If you are interested in our acoustic expertise on large room acoustic solutions please let us know.

Acoustic baffles related products
Acoustic baffles are not in stock on our webshop, we see acoustic baffles as a custom made product. But we have good alternatives for acoustic baffles in stock. Those are the large Akotherm Basic D40 panels, ideal for spaces with high walls and ceiling. Akotherm Edge and Akotherm SF, all perfect sound absorbing products to improve your room acoustics.

Room acoustic solutions
On our Tips Page we have plenty of solutions to improve the acoustics in any room, wheter it's in your own home, workplace, offices or studio. And as always, contact us for advice and solution for any acoustic issue you might have!

Our range of alternative baffle products

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