Sound absorbers to insulate and absorb noise

Sound absorbers for soundproofing & noise insulation
We have a broad range of sound absobers in plate and sheet form. These products are suitable for insulating and soundproofing engine noise in boats, yachts and ships, equipment and machinery enclosures and vehicles. To improve room acoustics you can take a look on our 'Acoustic Panels' section. Sound absorber products are mostly made of melamine plastics, polyurethane foam and polyester wool, with and without protective top layers for countless applications. The different top layers give the products their specific properties.

Sound absorbers with protective top layers
For some applications a protective top layer is desirable, in a engine room or a moist pump enclosure for instance. Sound absorbers with protective top layers can enhance the fire-resistance of a product, make it oil and moisture proof or more impact-resistant. Acoustic sound absorbing products without a top layer usually have better sound absorbing properties, because of the open cell structure. These products can be used in a clean environment, some examples are to soundproof an electric car, to insulate a ventilation box, computer and servers cases, and other relative clean environments.

Other applications for sound absorbers
Acoustic sound absorbers are also used as filling for acoustic panels, bass traps and in the signing industry. In general, the 'basic' variants of Akotherm and Flamex are used for this purpose. As mentioned before, for the improvement of room acoustics we have a different range of products, you can find them on the Acoustic Panels page.

Products for soundproofing and insulating noise


Information pages where acoustic plates are used
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