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Acousticshop.co.uk is a specialist in the field of acoustics, soundproofing and noise control for both private and business customers. Our webshop offers countless solutions and products to solve almost any thinkable noise problem and acoustic challenge. We have acoustic products and materials for most noise problems, bitumen damping sheets, soundproofing
for walls and ceiling
, and sound absorbers and noise insulation for a multitude of acoustic solutions. Especially for homes, vehicles, boats & yachts or sound studios:
we offer individual solutions to to private and business customers.
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Guides, Tips and Projects with Acoustic Solutions

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Tips from the acoustics store

Tips with Acoustics Solutions by Acousticshop.co.uk

News, tips and advice to solve noise problems of any kind.

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Merford UK Projects

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The specialist in acoustics and sound insulation for private and business customers

Soundproofing and insulation for car, campervan, boat and yacht

In our webshop you can find solutions and associated products to soundproof any pleasure craft, vessels and vehicles. For instance, we offer sound absorbers and anti-drumming products to insulate vehicles such as classic cars, electric cars and campervans. There is a complete range of products for ships & yachts to insulate the ship's hull and engine room, for example.

Studio acoustics & studio soundproofing
When you are looking for products to improve the acoustics for a recording studio or hifi listening room, we provide a wide range of acoustic panels that do so. We also provide solutions and products for silent ventilation and to soundproof music rooms, studios or Hifi room. Need advice on acoustics, just let us know, we are happy to help. 

Sound insulation for homes
Our products counteract noise nuisance caused by the floor, stairs, wall or ceiling. This helps to isolate against noisy neighbours. Maybe you want to improve the acoustics in your home? We also have guides on acoustics and solutions for these type of situations, which will make your room sound better. Would you like to make noisy devices quieter or do you want silent ventilation in your home? On the tips pages you will find step-by-step plans for various sound problems.

Vibration isolation: isolating impact noise

With our vibration isolation products you can decouple and isolate a source from it's foundation. Sources such as a washing machine, swimming pool pump, generator or a treadmill transmits vibrations that causes impact noise. As a consequence you, or your neighbours, experience acoustic problems. See our vibration isolation page for solutions and our range of products to isolate impact noise from virtually any source.

Acoustic panels to improve room acoustics
There is a wide range of acoustic panels and sound absorbers for improving room acoustics in a studio, home, school, gymnasium or office. Good acoustics ensure intelligibility and tranquillity in an otherwise reverberant room. In the workplace, good acoustics are important for concentration, to avoid fatigue and it increases productivity. We have several pages with guides to better acoustics, for both our private and business customers.

Acoustic accessories and tools
Handy and easy to use products that can solve those small, but still very annoying sound problems, such as scraping chair legs on a floor, sound leaks underneath a door, airflow and ventilation noise are just some of the most common noise problems. We also offer glue for acoustics materials, tools and tapes. Did we miss something? Just let us know.