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Acousticshop.co.uk is the specialist in acoustics and sound insulation for private and business applications. Visit our webshop to purchase the right sound insulating or sound absorbing products in order to solve your noise problem. For most noise problems, installing soundproofing boards or soundproofing mats will provide a proper solution. Especially for homes, vehicles, boats & yachts or sound studios: we offer individual solutions to your acoustic problem. 

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Tips and Projects

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From office to factory: more than 100 successfully completed projects thanks to Merford's advice and products.


Tips from the acoustics store

Tips from the Acoustics Store

News, tips and advice on noise problems and acoustic solutions for private individuals.

  • A New and Quiet Sailing Season | Tips for yacht and ship insulation. 
  • Insulating an Exercise Bike | Read our tips for vibration isolation here.
  • Fridge | Read information about making your fridge quieter here. 
  • Motorhome & Buses | Our tips on insulation in motorhomes and buses.
  • Sound Studio | Building your own studio? Read about it here. 

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Projecten van Merford

Merford Projects

News, projects and advice on noise problems and acoustic solutions for the business market.

  • Project Lumière Cinema | Applied aesthetic acoustic solutions.
  • ROC Frisian Gate | Room acoustics improved thanks to ceiling solution.
  • Care institution Avoord | Acoustic optimisation in a former monastery.
  • Boland Partystudio | Work quietly in an aesthetically designed office garden.
  • F-16 hangar Soesterberg | Improved acoustics in former F16 hangar.

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The specialist in acoustics and sound insulation for private and business customers

Sound insulation for vehicles, shipping and pleasure craft

In our webshop you can buy the right sound insulation for your noise problem. For instance, we offer absorption and anti-drumming material for vehicle insulation, such as commercial vehicles, old timers and campers. There is a complete range of materials and products for ships & yachts to insulate the ship's hull and engine room, for example. Commercial shipping, offshore or pleasure craft: a solution to every noise problem!

Studio acoustics & studio construction
When you are looking for materials to improve the acoustics for a studio we provide a wide range of products that do so. Such as front walls and absorption panels. We also provide a silent ventilation unit for fresh air. 

Sound insulation for homes
Our products counteract noise nuisance caused by the floor, stairs, wall or ceiling. This helps to isolate neighbour noise. Are you desturbed by reverberation and do you want to improve the acoustics in your home? We also have tips and suitable solutions for these type of situations, which will make your room sound better. Would you like to make noisy devices quieter or do you want silent ventilation in your home? On the tips page you will find step-by-step plans for various sound problems.

Vibration isolation: isolating resonances

With vibration-insulating products you decouple a source from the surface. Sources such as a washing machine, swimming pool pump, generator or a treadmill can transmit vibrations that then cause resonances. As a consequence you experience acoustic problems. On the vibration isolation page you will find our range of products for decoupling virtually any source.

Absorption panels for room acoustics
There is a wide range of sound absorbers and sound absorbers for improving room acoustics in a studio, home, school, gymnasium or office. Good acoustics ensure intelligibility and tranquility in an otherwise reverberant room. In the workplace, acoustics are important for everyone's concentration and reducing absenteeism. There is a solution to every problem for both our private and business customers.

Accessories and tools
To assemble, process and apply our materials and products, we offer you various accessories & tools. You will find various types of glue and mounting pastes for mounting absorption materials such as Agglomer, Akotherm and Flamex. You can easily customise these products with the ceramic knife.