Pipe and Tube Insulation

Pipe insulation with thermal properties
Merfisol Aluminated pipe insulation is an ideal product to insulate and soundproof air ducts, tubes and indoor downpipes. Merfisol pipe insulation consisits of three layers: Acoustic insulating and sound absorbing foam, a soundproofing mass loaded vinyl layer, finished with a reinforced aluminium foil. This aluminium foil reduces the risk of condensation, reflects heat and reduce the loss of heat. This pipe insulating product has excellent thermal and fire safety properties: Thermal insulation and conductivity coefficient λ = approx. 0.0385 W/mK. Fire classification EN 13501.1 Class B S2 d0.

Merfisol is a flexible sheet, 2 x 1 meters, and delivered to you rolled up in a box. For the installation of Merfisol you can use the Alu Finishing Tape. In our range of pipe insulation can also find a product with a dark grey top layer to soundproof pipes, Merfowrap. On our tips page “Pipe insulation” you can find a step-by-step plan on how to insulate and soundproof pipes with the correct application method and information about the products.

Products to insulate pipes, with thermal properties