Finishing Tape for Masking Seams and Cracks

Finishing Tape and Insulation Tape
For acoustic products with a protective top layers, and pipe insulation, we have Finishing Tapes and Insulation Tapes. We strongly recommend to use Finishing Tape to mask seams between products with a top layer after installation. These tapes avoid the intrusion of moisture or oil, This benefits the lifespan of the product and looks better. Which tapes to use:

Insulation Tape
This tape is used in combination with Merfowrap to insulate pipes and tubes. Wrap the tape around the Merfowrap and finish the seams to avoid sound leakages.

ALU Finishing Tape
Self adhesive aluminium tape/foil for finishing products with an aluminium top layer and to fix Merfisol (Merfowrap Aluminated).

PU Finishing Tape
Finishing tape made of a few micron thick PU foil to seal the gaps between insulation products with a PU protective top layers. 

This tape is exclusively for Flamex FC products. The tape has a heat resistance to max. 60°C.

Tape products to install or finishing acoustic products