Silent Ventilation

What is the problem? Stille ventilatie

Opening a window is a relevant way to ventilate a room in an environment with little outside noise like the noise of nightlife and traffic. In busy city centres, however, opening a window for ventilation purposes is often not possible. In addition to nuisance caused by various kinds of noise, it can also be caused by soot particles that enter your room.

What is the solution?
Silent ventilation is possible by using acoustic ventilation unit the Aeropac SN. This unit carries air from outside or from another room. A round hole of 100 mm is drilled in the wall (facade) and a conduit pipe placed inside of it. The supplied air passes by sound-absorbing materials, so that sound remains in the ventilation unit. The air is then filtered through commercially available filters.

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The differences between the Sonair and Aeropac ventilation units
T.o.v. the Sonair, the Aeropac has an on and off timer clock. With the Aeropac SN, the supplied air is blown into the room on both sides (adjustable sliders), with the Sonair this is één opening straight up. More information about these acoustic ventilation units can be found on the page called " Compare still ventilation units".

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