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Silent ventilation in a roomSilent ventilation
How to ventilate a room in silence, opening a window in a busy city or environment is not an option. The noise from outside will cause restless nights. To ventilate a room in silence you might want to consider buying a insulated silent ventilation unit like the Aeropac SN. This silent ventilation unit is insulated and filters not only the air but also noise from the air.

The Aeropac is a small and simple device to ventilate all kinds of spaces whisper quite. And because of the G3 filter pollen and dust is filtered out of the air. This ventilation unit is easy to operate and airflow can be adjusted with two sliders and multiple settings of the ventilator. The unit is delevired as a complete set with everything you need for the silent ventilation of your bedroom, living room or studio.

How to ventilate your house in silence?
When your home is ventilated by a climate system with air ducts, changes are that you experience noises coming from the air ducts. For round air ducts we have the ingenious Inno Dampers. Round noise absorbing dampers made from acoustic foam that you can slide into the air ducts to reduce airflow noises.

There still can be some noise leakages underneath the door, but what to do if the gap between the door and the floor is necessary to ventilate a room? The solution is easy, install a Elton drop seal to close the gape and install a Silendo Door Grille to keep from flowing in- and out of the room, in a insulated manner.

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