Engine Compartment

Insulation for compact engine compartments
Sailboats and small yachts, but also machinery and pump enclosures, often have compact and tight engine compartments, or engine bays. In these situations there is usually not a lot of space to insulate noise and reduce the radiation of heat. For these crafts, and machine enclosure a like, we have acoustic insultion products with heat-reflective and heat resistant top layers.

How to insulate and soundproof a small engine compartment?
To reduce the radiation of heat from an engine compartment, it is important to ensure sufficient ventilation, to exhaust heat and to supply cooler air. The walls and hatch, towards the cabin in a craft, should be insulated with products such as Acousticcell Alu and/or Aluglass, these are great products to reflect heat and insulate engine noise. 

In a compact or small engine compartment of a pleasure craft there is often not enough space to install thick sound absorbers. The best thing to do here is to soundproof the relatively light walls and hatches with a mass loaded vinyl, such as Isomat TS (14 kg/m²). This product adds weight to these parts of the craft, and thereby soundproofing low frequent engine noise. Isomat TS is only 5 mm tick, thus little space is required. The Isomat can than be covered with Flamex FC or Acousticell Alu, depending on the available space and temperatures inside the engine compartment.

Acoustic insulation and soundproofing for compact engine compartments