Acoustic Cotton Wool

Acoustic Cotton Wool insulation
Acoustic Cotton Wool consists for about 85% of recycled textiles, mostly jeans, and cotton fibers. A density of 55 kg/m³ gives this particular type of cotton insulation wool better absorbing properties than lighter version of this product. Next to that, Acoustic Cotton Wool also has an excellent fire classification: EN13501-1. Class B/S1/D0.

Acoustic and thermal applications
Acoustic Cotton Wool insulation is ideal to be used as a filling in acoustic panels and screens to improve room acoustics when covered with a textile fabric. A double layer is ideal for to making bass traps, to absorb lower frequencies in music- and recording studios and Hi-Fi listening rooms.

In addition to the high sound absorbing coefficient of Aw 0.95, Acoustic Cotton also has excellent thermal insulation properties. Its fire safety makes it an excellent alternative to traditional mineral wool products and does not irritate the skin.

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Sound absorbers and insulation
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