Studio Acoustics, Soundproofing & Hifi Solutions

Soundproofing and room acoustics for music studio, listening rooms and home cinema
Are you looking for solutions to improve the acoustics of your listening room or home cinema? Or perhaps you are looking for soundproofing products, such as our retaining walls. We provide multiple solutions and products to improve your music studio, Hifi listen room or home cinema.

We offer suitable solutions to sound problems for both amateurs and professionals. Below you can see an average studio containing solutions such as wall, floor and ceiling soundproofing to prevent sound problems. Silent ventilation units are available for the supply of filtered air. Soundproofing for doors, to prevent sound from entering or exiting through doorways. You will also find sufficient solutions and matching products to optimise room acoustics, such as wall panels, bass traps and ceiling panels. Need advise? Just let us know, we are happy to help!

MuziekruimteSoundproofing & Room Acoustics for Studios & Hifi rooms

1.  Bass Traps, Sound absorbing products to fill bass traps.
2.  Acoustic Ceiling Panels, Acoustic panels for ceilings.
3.   Acoustic Wall Panels, Sound absorbing panels for walls.
4.   Room Acoustics, Solutions to improve rooms acoustics.   
5.   Soundproofing Wall, Products to soundproof walls.

6.   Soundproofing Doors, Guide to soundproof your door.
7.   Acoustic Ventilation, Silent insulated ventilation unit.
8.   Soundproofing Floors, Products to decouple and insulate floors.
9.   Soundproofing Ceiling & Roof, Products to create decoupled ceilings.
10. Furniture Improvement, Acoustic measures for furniure



Soundproofing for studio, hifi listening room and home cinema
Whether it is soundproofing a room to convert it to a studio or home cinema room, we can offer you solutions and products. Acoustic panels to improve room acoustics, soundproofing for walls, ceiling and floors. We also have some practical solutions regarding acoustics. Need advice about acoustics and soundproofing? Jus let us know, we are happy to help!