Sound insulation for pipes

Sound insulation for pipes Pipe insulation
We can provide two sound insulation products for pipes, tubes and air ducts to recuce noise nuisances in a building. These all are products in sheet form, rolled up in a box, that can be wrapped around a PVC pipe for instance. With these products you always have the flexibility to insulate pipes with pieces that almost always fit.

We have an aluminated version, that also provide some thermal insulation, and a dark grey Merfowrap version with a layer of lead. For both products we also provide the tape to install the products.

These pipe insulating materials insulate medium and high-frequency noise, such as that of falling water, matter from transport pipes, sewer drains and air ducts can also be insulated, with Merfowrap Aluminium.

Tips and guideline to insulate pipes
On our Tips page you will find the complete "Pipe and pipe insulation step-by-step plan". We also explain the different properties of both products, as well as on the product pages of both pipe insulations.

Products for insulating pipes and ducts