Acoustic panels to improve room acoustics

Acoustic panels and products to improve room acoustics
To improve the acoustics of a room we have a range of acoustic panels and products developed to reduce reverberations and echoes, thereby improving the acoustics. These acoustic panels are made of, or compositions of, acoustic melamine foam, PU foam and polyester Wool. Acoustic panels convert sound into heat which result in a dampened effect. A room with good acoustics sounds quiet and less busy.

How to improve rooms acoustics
We provide multiple guides on our tips page to improve room acoustics with our solutions and acoustic panels. A short summary:
With the 'rule of thumb' you have an excellent basis to improve the acoustics of a room. If a room is about of 100 m² you need to add at about 30 m² of sound absorbing products. In places such as restaurants, pubs and offices this might go up to 60 m². This is because more people equals more sound, equals more acoustic paneling. 

For more detailed solutions to improve the acoustics in your workplace, living room, club, pub or recording studio you can take a look on our tips page “Reverberation & Acoustics”. There you find everything you need to know about acoustics.

Need advice about acoustics?
Would you like some personal advice for your situation? Or do you have question on how to go about when it comes to room acoustics? Just let us know by sending a message via our contact page, we are happy to help you.

Products to improve room acoustics

Acoustic panels and soundproofing for studio, hifi listening room and home cinema
Converting a room in to a home music studio, home cinema or hifi listening room or building and soundproofing a studio, Acousticshop offers the solutions and products you need. Acoustic panels for room acoustics, soundproofing for walls, ceiling and floors  and so much more! We lots of practical solutions regarding studio and hif acoustics. Need advice about acoustics and soundproofing? Jus let us know, we are happy to help!