Vibration Dampers for Partition Walls

Metal Stud Vibration Dampers
If you're planning to use Metal Stud framing to build speration wall you might consider to decouple this wall to prevent impact noise and to improve the insulation of this wall. This will ensure more privacy and less noise from one room to the other. Acoustic walls should be a heavy as possible and decoupled from the building, meaning no rigid connections with other walls, floor and ceiling, This how you install and soundproof a metal stud wall:

Decoupling a Metal Stud frame wall
To attach a Metal Stud frame wall we offer the Metal Stud Damper vibration dampers. With these dampers you can install a Metal Stud frame wall without a rigid fixation to the building. To ensure a decoupled connection with the floor, walls and ceiling you can use the Polypress Strips. These strips isolate the frame and reduces impact noise from and to the metal stud frame.

How to soundproof a metal stud frame wall
The soundproofing properties of your wall depends not only on decoupling but also on the mass of the wall. You most likey are going to use a layer of plasterboard to close up the wall. This is not enough to soundproof the wall. Adding mass wiil. Therefor, use a double layer of plasterboard with a layer of Isomat KE (14 kg/m²) in between, this will soundproof your wall. Mass = Soundproofing!

Alternative to Metal Stud Frames
If you want to soundproof a room by installing a "false wall", you are better off with Akoestikon Acoustic Studs. These studs are already decoupled, take up less space and soundproof better. Take look on the Akoestikon Acoustic Studs page and decide for yourself or ask us about the possiblities of this product.

Products for partition walls and Metal Stud Frames

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