Acoustic Products with Thermal Properties

On this page you will find products that can be used for both acoustic and thermal insulation and products suitable for shielding heat sources such as internal combustion engines or exhausts.

Examples of applications are exhaust, bulkhead, pipe, cavity wall, and outboard motor insulation. These products are often provided with an aluminum foil top layer or made of fiberglass. Use protective equipment while processing the latter.

  1. Acousticcell ALU
    Acousticcell ALU
    Absorption foam plate
    • PU foam with aluminium top layer
    • Oil, moisture and heat-resistant top layer, reinforced with fiberglass mesh.
    • Equipped with a sticker

    Starting at £33.70

    (incl. tax)
  2. Aluglass
    Sound-absorbing sheet
    • Fiberglass mat with sturdy aluminium foil top layer
    • Sound-absorbing, heat-resistant panel
    • Good alternative to flammable foam products

    Starting at £51.13

    (incl. tax)
  3. Acoustic Cotton Wool
    Acoustic Cotton Wool
    Absorption and insulation material
    • Recycled textiles
    • Sound and thermal insulating
    • The alternative to mineral wool

    Starting at £17.52

    (incl. tax)