Acoustic Products with Thermal Properties

Thermal and acoustic insulation products
In some cases noise can be accompanied with heat, in tight engine compartments for instance. For applications were heat plays a crucial role we can offer insulation products with thermal and acoustic properties to insulate noise and heat with one and the same product. An important side-note: make sure that you have some understanding of the temperature of the source and it's surroundings that you want to insulate! Product properties, such as heat resistance, can be found on each product page. The self-adhesive backings of our products have a heat resistance of about 80°C. If the temperature exceeds this limit it is recommended to use Insulation Pins or other means of mechanical mounting, with screws and rings for example. 

How to insulate heat and noise at the same time?
We have products to insulate heat and absorb noise at the same time, these products are made of different materials. Acoustic foam and fibreglass with protective top layers and polyester- and cotton wool. The latter two are suitable to insulate warmth, to insulate a house or campervan for instance. Polyester and Cotton wool products have a heat resistance up to 120°C.

Products to insulate heat can be divided in to two categories, the first category are the products with heat resistance up to 100°C  to max. 150°C. These are all foam based products with heat resistant or reflective top layers. The second category are the products with a heat resistance 150°C  up to max. 470°C. Those are made of fibreglass, you need to handle these products with protective gloves.

Applications for thermal and acoustic insulation Acoustic & thermal insulation,
Some examples for use of thermal insulation are:

Our range of acoustic products with thermal properties


Engine compartment insulation
For pleasure crafts and other vessel, but also for vehicles we have a range of soundproofing and sound insulation products. In the text above we have some descriptions and quick links to these heat-resistant products and thermal insulation wool materials. If have any questions about the use of these products, please let us know!