Isolating Exhaust Noise

What is the problem?
Especially heave engines create noise problems in a vehicle. This problem requires the same approach as insulating the bottom plate. Exhaust noise easily enters the sheet surface of the bottom plate, since the sheet metal doesn't contain a lot of mass. This sound also comes in through the doors, so insulate them too, even if you are already going to insulate the bottom plate. In combination with driving noise, these are the two most common types of noise in vehicles (both in cars, vans and RV's).

What is the solution?
Anti-drumming is the solution to this problem. Equip the floor completely with Vibraflex Extreme or STP Aero Bomb (the heavier types of anti-drumming). After heating, these products can be ideally molded, so that you can follow the profile of the bottom plate and/or wheel arch. The Isomat VM can be used as a finishing layer and as extra insulation. This acoustic floor mat can be applied loosely or glued over the anti-drumming.

Which products do I use and where?

  • Vibraflex Extreme: Underbody, bulkhead, gear tunnel and wheel arches.
  • STP Aero Bomb: Underbody, bulkhead, gear tunnel and wheel arches.
  • Isomat VM: Bottom plate, acceleration tunnel and bulkhead.

Below you will find all the products described for the isolation of exhaust noise in vehicles

  1. Pressure roller
    Pressure roller
    For pressing anti-drumming plates in place
    • For installing sound-baffling panels
    • Prevents air bubbles
    • Non-slip handle

    Starting at £20.38

    (incl. tax)
  2. Vibraflex Ontdreuning set
    Sound deadener sheets
    • Bitumen board with added mass
    • Sound deadening and sound insulation
    • High mass and self-adhesive

    Starting at £30.77

    (incl. tax)
  3. Isomat FM
    Isomat FM
    Sound-insulating floor mat
    • Plastic sheet with a resilient layer of PVC foam
    • Sound insulating
    • Suitable as a floor mat in, among other things, campers, trucks, tractors

    Starting at £60.24

    (incl. tax)

Insulate vehicle
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