Sound Insulation for washing machine

Isolate vibrations from a washing machine
Washing machine and dryer are to blame for penetrating contact noise, especially on wooden subfloors this effect is quite prominent. The problem is not only noticeable indoors, but just as much at the neighbours. Never place a washing machine on a wooden timber floor, but rather on a concrete floor, or even better, on a concrete slab with a double layer of Regupol Comfort underneath.

How to insulate airborne noise
A washing machine can also spread airborne noise, the thin sheet metal of the housing often blocks very little noise. Applying an anti-drumming product inside the housing results in less airborne noise. Equip only the side walls of the metal housing with Vibraflex Normal to insulate vibrations in the housing. Place some sound absorbing product behind the washing machine or dryer. You can use Akotherm Basic D40 to reduce airborne noise in the space where the washer or dryer is located. This reduces the reflections of machine noise from behind the washing machine. Always make sure that there is enough space for ventilation and heat from any machine.

How insulate impact noise from washing machine
Get a concrete slab or a 'sidewalk tile' that is a bit larger than the footprint of the washing machine. Apply a  layer of Regupol Comfort to the underside of the concrete tile and place the washing machine on top of the tile (not on the Regufoam product). Make sure the tile or slab does not touch any walls and the machine is level. Do a test run with the machine to see if impact noise is insulated enough and, just as important, check if the machine is stable on this tile/floor with the Regupol. If the machine is stable but the impact noise is not insulated enough you can add another layer to improve the isolation of vibrations. 

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