Sound Insulation for White Goods

Washing machine dampers Wasmachine
Washing machines are to blame for penetrating contact noise, especially on wooden floors this effect is quite prominent. The problem is not only noticeable indoors, but just as much at the neighbours. Never place a washing machine on a wooden floor, but rather on a concrete floor! If there is no other place or option, it is best to place the washing machine on a set of Unidamper Basic or the ready-made washing machine damper set. These damper sets are calculated with an average washing machine of max. 1600 rpm with a loaded weight of +/- 100 kg in mind.

The washing machine can also spread airborne noise, the thin sheet metal of the housing often blocks very little noise. 'Anti-drumming' the sheet metal of the housing on the inside, which basically means making it heavier, results in less airborne noise. Equip as much sheet metal as possible with STP Black Silver anti-drumming mats. Behind the washing machine, place a sound-absorbing Acusticab sheet of at least 25 mm thickness and at least as large as the washing machine itself. This reduces the reflections of machine noise from behind the washing machine. Always ensure that there is enough space for ventilation between the absorbent material and the washing machine.

Tips for processing a Unidamper Basic
Place the dampers on the floor and place a sturdy support plate on top of it, for example 8 or 10 mm thick plywood, or a plate material that does not bend. This plate distributes the weight of the washing machine over the four dampers. The plate should be the same width and length as the appliance. Do not let the dampers protrude from below the plate. The Unidemper Basic can optionally be connected to a plate with Saba contact adhesive. Always make sure that the device is level and stable, so that it cannot vibrate off the plate.

Tips for handling the Washing Machine Dampers
When using the Washing Machine damper set, you do not need a support plate, the galvanized steel pads provide space for the legs and distribute the weight over the dampers.

(Do not use the dampers if the washing machine shakes violently, the dampers are relatively soft and the shaking can be increased, with all its consequences).

Below you will find the described white goods dampers

  1. Acousticcell PU
    Acousticcell PU
    Dirt-resistant absorption foam
    • Moisture and dirt repellent
    • Application including engine compartment
    • Hygienic areas

    Starting at £28.01

    (incl. tax)

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