Decoupling Plates: Vibration Isolation and Decoupling

Vibration-isolating decoupling plates
In this category you find the vibration-isolating material Regufoam, a high-quality polyurethane foam, which isolates (decouples) sources that generate vibration (resonance). Examples of these sources are airconditioning, aggregates (devices), aquarium pumps, swimming pool pumps, speakers, refrigerators, or lathes. But you can also use Regufoam in order to decouple floors and even fitness equipment.

Which type do I use and where?
Each density of Regufoam has its own colour. However, you don't select the product by colour but by density (D followed by type number). In order to isolate a source of vibration, using a few pieces of Regufoam may be sufficient. You can cut one plate of Regufoam of 500 x 250 mm into a certain amount of smaller pieces with a hobby knife. Pieces of about 100 x 100 mm in order to put underneath the legs of a device, for instance. (We have a pre-cut Regufoam plate for washing machines). The following types can be used for most applications in and around the home:

  • Regufoam type D150, thickness 25 mm: 0 to    50 Kg
  • Regufoam type D220, thickness 25 mm:  50 t/m  100 Kg
  • Regufoam type D300, thickness 25 mm: 100 t/m 250 Kg
  • Regufoam type D400, thickness 25 mm: 250 t/m 400 Kg

Regufoam with a thickness of 12 mm is used for strongly vibrating devices or when little space is available.

  • Regupol: + 400 Kg (also for outdoor use).

For industrial applications of, for example, heavy machinery, it is better to contact us first. We will then need details concerning the weight, size and speed of the machine(s).

Below you will find the products for decoupling vibrating sources.

  1. Regupol Comfort 7
    Regupol Comfort 7
    Sub floor vibration isolation
    • PU elastomer
    • Vibration insulation screeds
    • Can be used with underfloor heating

    Starting at £51.47

    (incl. tax)