Bass traps against low tones and too much bass

What are Bass Traps?
Bass traps are also called corner absorbers or Baffles because of the often vertical mounting. They are sound-absorbing elements made of various foam materials. Bass Traps are usually used in studios and listening rooms where the low frequencies dominate the music. Due to the relatively large volume, these types of products are able to absorb especially low frequencies.

Where and how to apply?
Bass trap-style products are best used in the corners of the room. Low frequencies or standing waves fit exactly into a room, as it were, if they cause an acoustic problem. With enough Bass traps, the angles are made smaller, as it were, and the sound wave is shortened a bit. The most common places are the corners in front and behind the listening position where the walls meet and in the corners where the wall and ceiling meet. Place at least two Bass traps per corner and at least two corners per room.

There are also alternative products for making bass traps yourself. You can also make bass traps yourself with Akotherm Basic as a filling. You can span a wooden frame with textile and use Akotherm Basic as filling, make the frame at least 150 mm deep for sufficient absorption of low tones.

Below you will find the products that can function as Bass traps

  1. Acoustic Cotton Wool
    Acoustic Cotton Wool
    Absorption and insulation material
    • Recycled textiles
    • Sound and thermal insulating
    • The alternative to mineral wool

    Starting at £17.52

    (incl. tax)

Space acoustics
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