Sound Insulation for Pipes

Pipe and tube insulation  Buis- Leidingisolatie
Indoor pipes (down pipe), drain and sewer pipes can cause noise nuisance at highly inconvenient times. Additionally, in case of rainwater drainage the sound of flowing water can be present for quite a while. By wrapping pipes and/or tubes with Merfolood or Merfisol, you can greatly reduce this noise to an acceptable level.

Depending on the type of pipe and what is being transported through it, you may prefer to wrap the pipe or tube twice with Merfolood or Merfisol. Wrapping one time may already provide sufficient results, but since pipes and tubes are often concealed, wrapping twice enlarges the likelihood of a good end result.

Step-by-step plan
On our tips page you will find the step-by-step plan for tube and pipe insulation.

Below you will find the products that are suitable for insulating pipes and ducts

  1. Insulation Tape
    Insulation Tape
    For pipe insulation
    • Insulation tape
    • For mounting Merfolood pipe and pipe insulation
    • Has the same properties as duct tape

    Starting at £1.91

    (incl. tax)
  2. Isotape Alu
    ALU Finishing Tape
    For masking seams and cracks
    • Aluminium Finishing tape
    • Prevents the ingress of oil, moisture and dirt
    • Non-shrink, resistant to 70 degrees

    Starting at £12.18

    (incl. tax)

Differents between Merfolood and Merfisol
The biggest difference for the user is the processing comfort. Merfolood the layer of lead in the product makes it easy to bend a pipe, almost kneading it, so that it stays in place by itself, useful if you work alone.  Merfisol has a fire-retardant foam layer and after assembly no finger presses remain in the top layer, can be important in vision work. The insulation values are similar. 

Sound insulation and acoustics in your home
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