Combination Boards: Sound Absorption and Insulation in One Product

Acoustic combination plates
These products combine sound insulation and absorption in one product. Combined products are used in vehicles, vessels, equipment, and machine construction. Using combination plates saves a lot of time, because you don't need to assemble the seperate materials yourself. The following combination plates are available:

  • Merfocom
    Merfocom is a sound-absorbing and insulating product. The panel is provided with Merfocell sound absorption at the front with a sturdy glass fabric top layer (GW). This top layer is heat resistant, moisture and oil resistant, and impact resistant. Below the layer of sound absorption is a layer of Isomat sound insulation. Under the Isomat layer, the back of the plate, a 5 mm thick layer of foam is provided with a self-adhesive. Due to this composition, the installation of Merfocom creates a 'double wall'. This product insulates sound much better than a single absorber. Merfocom is mainly used in yachts, sloops and ships to insulate the engine housing.
  • Merfodem
    Merfodem offers sound absorption and insulation in one panel. This product insulates through the anti-drumming self-adhesive backing of Vibraflex. The absorbing Merfocell top layer absorbs sound and has an oil-moisture-proof PU skin. Due to its composition, Merfodem has a double effect and is therefore particularly efficient, in both application and processing. This product is used in relatively light aluminum and steel device housings.

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