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Silent Socks | Chair Leg Socks & Floor Protectors |

Chair leg floor protectors

Silent Socks

Chair leg floor protectors

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Get rid of scraping chair noise and scratches on your floor. Silent Socks HD (Heavy Duty) are fun to see socks for chair legs to prevent impact noise from moving chairs and keep the floor scratch free.  Silent Socks are suitable for round chair legs with a diameter up to 28 mm. Silent Socks are not suitable for very rough floors.

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Name SKU Price incl. tax Stock Qty
Silent Socks HD | For chair legs 16 to 22 mm | Anthracite K1140
29 pcs
Silent Socks HD| For chair legs 20 to 27 mm | Anthracite K1141
42 pcs
(excl. tax: £0.00)

Suitable for:
Chairs with round legs with a maximum diameter of 30 mm.

Not suitable for:
Square chair legs and chair legs with a diameter larger than 30 mm.

Volume discount

Experience Silent Socks
Silent Socks is the result of a multi-year design project that aimed to dampen the scraping sound of chair legs in schools and nurseries. There are also many people who want to get rid of the disturbing sound of scraping chair legs at home. Since a chair with Silent Socks slides so easily, you never have to lift heavy on the chair. Stubborn stains on the floor, caused by sticky felt pads that come off, are now a thing of the past. Thanks to the round shape, there are no more crashing noises when tables and chairs come into contact with each other.

Tested thoroughly
Silent Socks have been extensively tested for sound damping properties and wear resistance: a sound damping effect of 18 dB(A) has been measured compared to original plastic chair leg protectors. 8-10 dB(A) is already experienced as halving the noise level. Pay attention: Silent Socks have been tested on a linoleum floor  without  texture. Use on (some) textured floors shortens the lifespan and is at your own risk.  See how Silent Socks are tested for abrasion resistance. If in doubt about the coarseness of your floor, use only the Silent Socks HD (Heavy Duty). This type is more robust, so they wear less quickly on floors that are coarse or contain irregularities (such as seams).

Easy to install
You can easily mount Silent Socks on chairs with round steel legs. No tools are required. Leave any caps or felt pads on the chair legs so that they cannot cut into the rubber of the Silent Socks.

Dimensions and materials
Silent Socks are available in two sizes, diameters of 16-22 mm and 20-27 mm. The sock consists of synthetic rubber (TPE) surrounded by a sock of felted wool. Compared to the other Silent Socks, the Heavy Duty variant is equipped with a sock of coarser and tighter textile. 

Dusting and cleaning
Vacuum the Silent Socks when they are dusty. If they are still not clean after that, you can also wash the Silent Socks. Wash the Silent Socks in a hand wash at a maximum of 30 degrees. Place the socks in a well-ventilated and warm place before refitting them on the chair legs.

Silent Socks slide easily and therefore a chair with Silent Socks should be used according to the rules. Do not tilt the chair, as the rear legs of the chair may slip. We also recommend that you move the chair without any load. This benefits the life of the chair leg socks. Only use Silent Socks HD (Heavy Duty) on parquet or laminate floors or floors with seams. 

The prices are per piece, minimum order is 4 pieces per colour, per type.

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