Anti-drumming and sound absorption processing tools

Handy tools for processing various products
You will find handy tools in our range for processing various products, because good tools....

Which tool for which productt
Vibraflex Pressure Roller
Use the Vibraflex roller for easy application of anti-drumming material such as Vibraflex and STP Standardplast. This makes it easy to apply the product and reduces the risk of air bubbles under the material.

Akotherm knife
A razor-sharp Ceramic knife for cutting all foam and wool types to size, such as Flamex, Agglomer, Akotherm and Akoestiwol. A handy knife packed in a nice box.

Glue Comb
For processing and applying glue and paste types such as the Saba glue from cans and the Stauf Extreme Tack from buckets.

Below you will find all the described tools for processing and processing acoustic materials and adhesives:

  1. Pressure roller
    Pressure roller
    For pressing anti-drumming plates in place
    • For installing sound-baffling panels
    • Prevents air bubbles
    • Non-slip handle

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