Sandwich Plates

Sandwich plates: sound insulation and plywood in one

Merfoplex sandwich plates consist of two layers of plywood, Okoumé or Poplar, with a layer of Isomat KE sound insulation pressed in between. This acoustic construction plate has a high mass and therefore a high insulation value. With the application of Merfoplex you save a lot of time, you do not have to get started yourself with gluing plywood sheets and sound-insulating mats with the risk that the material will come off. Merfoplex, like plywood, is easy to saw.

What are the applications?

From Merfoplex you can make sound-insulating floors, walls, doors, speakers, machine and device housings and sound studios. You can also insulate an existing motor enclosure or pump housing with Merfoplex. On our Tips page you will find a step-by-step plan for making sound-insulating interior shutters using Merfoplex.

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