Solutions for silent ventilation.
The right acoustic ventilation ensures that no sound escapes or enters during ventilation.

Still air supply
Thanks to quiet ventilation units from Aeropac or Sonair, you can blow particularly quiet fresh air into the room. The small units carry fresh air or air from adjacent rooms through a hole in the façade or wall, respectively. The quality of the supplied air can be guaranteed by applying a filter in the ventilation unit.

Still exhaust air
To achieve a good renewal of the air, it is necessary to create a so-called draught in the room. For this, air must be discharged from the room. By applying the right ventilation grill, the air can be discharged through the wall, door or façade. Absorption for existing air ducts When ventilation through large air ducts, a lot of air is moved, so a lot of noise can be heard. Both, low- and high-frequency sound. To make rectangular air ducts quieter, a wide range of absorption material is available. For round air ducts, the use of silencers significantly reduces airborne noise. Below you will find all products that can be applied where silent ventilation is desired

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