Adhesives and sealant

Contact glue and mounting paste for acoustic materials

For the assembly of non-self-adhesive acoustic materials, such as polyester wool and various foam types, it is important to choose the right type of adhesive. In our assortment you will find various types of glue for this. These adhesives are suitable for various surfaces such as concrete, metal, masonry and stucco, polyester and wood.

What product do I use where?

Stauf Extreme Tack: mounting paste for mounting open materials on a closed surface, for example foam on steel. Stauf Extreme Tack can be used for mounting Flamex, Agglomer, Akotherm and Isomat KE.
Saba - Zettelijm: Contact adhesives that are suitable for our entire range. Contact adhesive is applied both to the material to be glued and to the substrate. Contact adhesive can be used for the assembly of Akotherm, Agglomer, Isomat TS / KE / VM.
Sikaflex : Mounting kit for mounting products such as Isomat VM, Soliboard, Adhesive pins, Regufoam and Regupol.

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