Insulating bow thruster

Insulating and soundprooding the bow thrusterInsulating bow thruster
The bow thruster has a very typical noise problem. The sound has a metallic and crackling sound. Even though the bow thruster is not used much, the noise level is often considerable and can be reduced both outside and inside the ship.

How to soundproof thruster noise
Make sure that the ship's hull and thruster tunnel/duct cleaned thoroughly, free of rust and loose paint (paint can remain). Then apply at least one and a half meter of Vibradamp A-90-P around the bow thruster tunnel and on the tunnel itself. Vibradamp A-90-P is a two component paste, apply a layer with a thickness of about 1 to 2mm.

Next step is pressing the Zincor steel plates into the Vibradamp with a gap of 10 mm between each plate. Do this within 15 minutes, and make sure the Zincor plates are clean and free of dust or grease! Do the same with thruster tunnel, all inside the ship, not on the outside. This way of soundproofing is called 'Sandwich Anti-drumming', the best way of resonance isolation on a ship's hull thicker than 4 mm steel. Apply Vibradamp in the ratio 1:1:4. This means 1 mm paste, 1 mm Zincor on 4 mm steel. On the product page of Vibradamp is manual, or click this link. More solutions on boat, yacht and ship insulation can be found on our Tips page.

Which products do I use and where?

In a luxorius yacht it is recommend to 'hide' the bow thruster in an enclosure that you insulate. Fill enclosure with Acoustic Wool to absorb and insulate noise. Careful with condensation.

Products for soundproofing and insulating the bow thruster and thruster tunnel


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