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Akoestikon Acoustic Studs

Soundproofing wall and ceiling

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Soundproofing walls and ceilings with Akoestikon Acoustic Studs against noisy neighbours and outdoor noise. Mount a double layer of plasterboard with these studs to create a decoupled false wall or ceiling, reducing airborne and impact noise. Installation: Mount Polypress Strips, install Acoustic Studs, fill space with Wool, finish with double-layer plasterboard (not included). Application areas are residential, commercial and studios. Enhance your indoor environment with Akoestikon Acoustic Studs for superior soundproofing.

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Akoestikon Acoustic Studs | 1375 x 60 x 60 mm K0165
200 pcs
Akoestikon Acoustic Studs | 1375 x 120 x 60 mm K0167
40 pcs
Akoestikon Insulation Wool | 1000 x 544 x 60 mm A8131
180 pcs
Polypress Strips | 2000 x 50 x 10 mm K0150
187 pcs
(excl. tax: £0.00)
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What it is and does:
Akoestikon Acoustic Studs are resilient mounting profiles that allow you to mount plasterboard panels against an existing wall or ceiling without a rigid connection. For example, you can shield a dividing wall with the neighbours so that less noise radiates from it. To make a retaining wall using Akoestikon Acoustic Studs, you need the following products:

  • Akoestikon Acoustic Studs, made of two MDF slats with a layer of vibration insulation in between, so it is one whole. The rear slat has 5 small screw holes (pitch 5 mm). The front slat also has 5 holes, 10mm, for the screw bit.
  • Akoestikon Insulation Wool, made of skin-friendly polyester wool. This material absorbs sound and also provides thermal insulation.
  • Polypress Strips, vibration-isolating strips on which the Akoestikon Acoustic Studs rest and connect the plasterboards. These strips ensure that the retaining wall cannot touch the existing construction anywhere.

Akoestikon Acoustic Studs are very versatile, not only to soundproof against noisy neighbours, but also to insulate and soundproof hotel rooms, rehearsal and music rooms and studio construction. Even in spaces where privacy is important, such as a doctor's surgery or treatment room, you can (additionally) insulate the walls and ceiling with plasterboard mounted on Akoestikon Acoustic Studs. In these situations we also advise to look at the doors, these often turn out to be sound leaks after insulating with Akoestikon Acoustic Studs.

What do I need to soundproof a wall?

Example for a wall 700 cm wide and 274 cm high:

  • Calculating Akoestikon Acoustic Studs:
    Line distance centre to centre 60 cm apart, two Intermediate rails above each other = 26 pieces.
    Dimensions of Akoestikon Acoustic Studs: 1370 x 60 x 60 mm or 1370 x 120 x 60 mm
  • Calculating acoustic wool:
    Wall surface (width x height) = 19.18 m² = 37 pieces.
    Dimensions of Akoestikon wool: 1000 x 540 x 60 mm.
  • Calculating Polypress Strips:
    Circumference of the wall (2 x width, 2 x height) = 19.48 m = 10 pieces.
    Dimensions of Agglomer Strips: 2000 × 50 × 10 mm.

What do I need to soundproof a ceiling?

Example for a ceiling of 700 cm long and 350 cm wide:
  • Calculating Akoestikon Acoustic Studs:
    Line spacing centre to centre 30 cm apart, Intermediate rails one behind the other = 67 pieces.
    Dimensions of intermediate rails: 1370 x 60 x 60 mm or 1370 x 120 x 60 mm
  • Calculating acoustic wool:
    Ceiling surface (length x width) = 24.5 m² - 5 m² Intermediate rail surface = 19.5 m² = 37 pieces
    Dimensions of Akoestikon wool: 1000 x 540 x 60 mm.
  • Calculating Polypress Strips:
    Circumference of the ceiling (2 x length, 2 x width) = 21 m = 11 pieces.
    Dimensions of Polypress Strips: 2000 × 50 × 10 mm.
If you are going to soundproof a wooden beam ceiling, pay attention to the beam direction and the distance between the mounting holes in the Acoustic rails, this is 30 cm centre-to-centre, you may have to apply a lattice first. Fill cavities preferably at least 70% with Akoestikon Insulation Wool.

Pay attention

  • The Akoestikon Acoustic Studs rules are only suitable for indoor applications.
  • The basic construction against which the system is fitted as an attachment system must be a closed construction.
  • The supporting structure must be designed for the weight load of the Akoestikon Acoustic Studs.
  • As a floating ceiling, mount the Akoestikon Acoustic Studs centre to centre 30 cm apart, as a wall 60 cm centre-to-centre.

Assembly Tips
Watch the Instructional video to see how the Akoestikon Acoustic Studs wall is installed (Ducth subtitles, working on a English verions). Do you need help calculating the quantity of products?  Send a message with all dimensions of the walls or ceiling to be insulated via the contact page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

PEFC Certification
This product is PEFC™ certified and thus contributes to the protection and conservation of forests for current and future generations.
PEFC™ (certificate number NC-PEFC/COC-029615-EK and logo license number PEFC™ 30-32-909).

Akoestiekwinkel is part of Merford, which has specialized in sound and noise control in construction and industry for over 35 years. By listening to our customers' problems, together with our years of expertise, we can provide the right advice for controlling noise in vehicles, boats and yachts, homes and studios. On our website we share this knowledge and guide you to the right solution.

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    Akoestiekwinkel is since 2004 the specialist in solving noise problems of consumers (in the Netherlands and Belgium). Our goal is to create a comfortable living environment by controlling annoying and harmful noise. The experience of sound is subjective. We want to make sound pleasant. In one situation this means as little sound as possible, preferably total silence. In the other case, good acoustics to make music sound optimal, for example.

    We have an extensive range of solutions in the area of sound insulation and acoustics that are available from stock. Quality comes first. Our products are extensively tested and certified. Their performance is proven and easy to compare with other products. Our range is continuously expanded with new solutions.

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Akoestikon Acoustic Studs

Soundproofing wall and ceiling