Insulating Doors

Insulating doors Deur isolatie
A normal door or rebated door insulates sound poorly due to the lack of mass and qualitative sealing. With a few simple interventions you can acoustically insulate your door against incoming and outgoing noises.

What to do?
Equip the entire door leaf with Isomat TS14 of TS8, depending on how much extra weight the door can bear. Cover the entire door with Isomat, using Zettex Contact glue. You can use a finishing board, for example plywood, on top of the Isomat. This plate is glued and screwed to the door upon the Isomat. Keep in mind that the door will be 8 or 14 Kg/m² heavier, so mounting an extra hinge may be necessary.

If the door does not align properly with the doorstep, a sound leak is caused. We strongly recommend to use a drop seal (recessed or built-in) in such cases. A drop seal such as the Elton EllenMatic does not only stop the sound leakage, but it also prevents drafts across the floor.

Step-by-step plan
On our tips page you will find the step-by-step plan for insulating doors.

Below you will find the products described for insulating the floor


Sound-insulating doors
Moute or want certainty about the insulation values of a door? Then take a look at the Sound-insulating Steel Door or the Sound-insulating Wooden Door pages.  

Sound insulation and acoustics in your home
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