How to insulate and soundproof a door

Door insulation, noise insulation for doorsHow to soundproof a door
Standard doors in a house or flat insulate only voice and normal noise levels. But it comes to loud music or other noises, the insulation of a door is not that great. With a few simple steps and insulation product you can insulate any door against incoming and outgoing noises and sound.

How to soundproof a door
Take the door out it's hinges and place it on a flat surface. Remove the door handle and clean the door thoughrly. Next take the contact adhesive and apply it on the doors surface and on the Isomat TS sheets. We recommend to use the Isomat TS with a weight of 14 kg/m². If the door can handle all the extra weight, appyl Isomat on both side for the best result. Keep in mind that Isomat is heavy you might need to install a few extra hinges.

When the glue has dryed for a minute or two you can apply the Isomat. Make sure no air bubbles are trapped between the Isomat and the door. Give the Isomat a couple of knocks so it is fixed well to the door. Now you can put the door handle back in place and hang the door back in place. 

Drop down seal, a part of door insulation
To avoid any sound leak we recommend to use a drop down seal. A drop  downseal such as the Elton EllenMatic does not only stop the sound leakage, but it also prevents drafts across the floor.

Step-by-step plan
On our tips page you will find the step-by-step plan for insulating doors.

These are the products to soundproof a door


Sound insulation and acoustics in your home
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