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Saba & Zettex | Contact adhesive

Contact adhesive for acoustic materials

Saba & Dasa

Contact adhesive for acoustic materials

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The contact adhesives from Saba and Zettex are suitable for bonding acoustic materials such as Isomat, Akotherm and all foam products on wood, concrete, plastic and polyester. Available in three different packaging.

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Variant SKU Dimensions (mm) Colour Price incl. tax Stock Qty m2
Spray can K1548 Transparent
32 pcs
Saba 1L K0311 Transparent
17 pcs
(excl. tax: £0.00)
Volume discount

What it is and does:
Saba and Zettex contact adhesives are suitable for mounting and gluing wood, plastic, leather and textiles, but also for acoustic materials such as Akotherm, Flamex, Isomat and Agglomer. The adhesive is easy to apply with a brush or roller (Zettex is spray and can therefore be sprayed). This has the advantage that the consumption of the adhesive remains low.

The adhesive is very suitable for bonding all our non-self-adhesive acoustic materials to practically any clean and grease-free surface. The adhesive can be used on wood, concrete, polyester and metal. Saba can also be used as a primer on a rough or porous surface on which self-adhesive acoustic materials must be applied.

Saba and Zettex are contact adhesives based on neoprene rubber and are generally applicable in well-ventilated areas. The Zettex aerosol is equipped with a nozzle with which the adhesive can be applied to the precise area.

  • Zettex (spray)
    Temperature resistance: - 40 to + 100°C.
    Processing temperature: + 5 to + 40 °C.
    Colour: Transparent.
    Weight: 540 grams/L
    Consumption: 70 - 80 grams/m²
  • Saba (can)
    Temperature resistance: - 30 to + 90°C.
    Processing temperature: ± 15 °C.
    Colour: Beige
    Weight: 850 grams/L
  • Consumption: approx. 200 grams/m²

Assembly Tips
Before applying the adhesive, make sure the surface is dry, free of dust and grease. Apply adhesive evenly to both surfaces to be bonded with a brush or roller. Then let both parts dry for 3 to 4 minutes (until the adhesive layer no longer feels tacky). Then apply the materials to each other and press or tap well to let both 'melt' into each other and to prevent air inclusions. Consumption is approximately 0.3L per m², depending on the product to be bonded and the substrate. When processing contact adhesive, it is necessary to ventilate sufficiently! *Features and consumption will differ per situation.


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