Sound Insulation for Windowsills and Roller Shutter Housings

Roller shutter insulationRolluikkast isoleren
The housing in which a roller shutter is rolled up is often not soundproof and when the roller shutter is lowered, it forms a sound box and thus a source of noise nuisance in your home. But you can do something about this noise problem!

The housing is generally made of fairly thin and light sheet material, such as steel or aluminum. The position of this housing often falls just outside the facade, so that a (loud) ticking sound can be heard during rain and hail. By covering the inside of the roller shutter box with STP Black Silver, it is made heavier and, as it were, held in place, this is called anti-drumming. The ticking has almost completely disappeared after applying anti-drumming. Outside noises are also isolated with this method. Read more about this solution on the tips page "Insulating roller shutter housing".

Anti-drumming windowsill
The same problem arises with plastic and aluminum window sills. These also absorb rain and hail and thus cause noise nuisance. Disassemble the windowsill(s) and degrease this primer. Then provide the underside of the windowsills with STP Black Silver. The sheet material is now held in place and the tapping of rain and hail will be minimal.

Below you will find the products for insulating windowsill and roller shutter housing

  1. Pressure roller
    Pressure roller
    For pressing anti-drumming plates in place
    • For installing sound-baffling panels
    • Prevents air bubbles
    • Non-slip handle

    Starting at £20.38

    (incl. tax)

Sound insulation for metal enclosures of roller shutters
For steel or aluminum enclosures, we advise you to mount anti-drumming mats on the inside of the housing. You can use the self-adhesive de-drumming mats of the brand Vibraflex Normal or the smooth STP Black Silver use. These products extract the gong effect from sheet material, the mats hold the housing, as it were, so that vibrations cannot travel through the housing. The result is a small dull tap instead of a long gong sound which is now the problem, you can count on a reduction of at least 50%. Provide a dry, clean and grease-free surface and provide at least 70% of the housing with Vibraflex or STP Black Silver damping mats. The red areas on the image indicate where you can best apply the de-drumming.

style="color: #001f60;">Sound insulation for wooden enclosures of roller shutters
For wood enclosures, whatever type of wood, use Isomat TS8 or the TS14. Isomat TS is a dense and heavy plastic mass sheet. Isomat TS is applied by first equipping the material and the wooden surface with Saba contact glue . Let the glue dry for about 5 minutes and press the Isomat firmly against the surface. Then screw the corners with a screw and ring. In this way you provide all cabinet surfaces with Isomat.

Tips for processing
Please: you apply all products to the inside of the housing! Clean all parts to be insulated very thoroughly. You then provide the parts to be insulated with the sound insulation materials mentioned above. If you need more than 5m² of Isomat, order a Isomat KE variant. If there are hollow spaces, fill them with Acoustic wool against sound box effect and an improvement in thermal insulation.