Sound Insulation for Windowsills and Roller Shutter Housings

Sound insulation for roller shutter boxRolluikkast isoleren
The housing in which a roller shutter is rolled up in is often not soundproof and when the roller shutter is lowered, it forms a sound box and thus a source of noise nuisance in your home. But you can do something about this noise problem!

The housing is generally made of fairly thin and light sheet material, such as steel or aluminum. The position of this housing often falls just outside the facade, so that a (loud) ticking sound can be heard during rain and hail. By insulating 50% of the inside of the roller shutter box with Vibraflex Normal the ticking noise will disappear. Outside noises are also insulated with this product. Read more about this solution on the tips page "Insulating roller shutter housing".

Anti-drumming to soundproof windowsill
The same problem occures with plastic and aluminum window sills. These also amplify the ticking noise of rain and hail and thus cause noise nuisance. Remove the windowsill(s) and clean the underside. Apply the Vibraflex Normal as a sticker, avoid air bubbles. The pressure roller is an ideal tool for the job!

Products for windowsill and roller shutter box insulation

How to insulate roller shutters against raindrops
Complete guide for the insulation of roller shutters enclosures on our Tips page. All the information you need about acoustic solutions in- and around your home you can find on our Tips & Tricks page. Need advise? Just let us know by sending an email.