Soundproofing for Chairs

What is the problem? Silent Socks
In addition to scratching the floor, moving around chairs causes nuisance by way of air and contact noise as well. Especially in flats or apartments, the contact noise is annoying for neighbours.

What is the solution?

This problem is solved by equipping (round) chair legs with Silent Socks. The felted wool sock ensures that the chair slides easily over the floor, so that scratches on the floor and noise from the chair legs disappear. Silent Socks are made for round chair legs, but in some cases they also fit multi-angled chair legs, although this strongly depends on the type of chair leg. If the chair leg is not completely round, it should not taper because in that case the Silent Socks will not remain in place anyway.

What type of sock to use?
Silent Socks have been developed for smooth floors such as linoleum. On textured floors, the socks, like all consumables, will wear out. The degree of coarseness in the texture of the floor determines the lifespan of the Silent Socks. Silent Socks HD (Heavy Duty) have been developed for textured floors.  

The Silent Socks are not recommended on floors with grout joints (tiles). In this case the socks would wear out very quickly due to the sharp joints.

Here you find the Silent Socks chair leg socks

  1. Silent Socks stoelpoot sokjes
    Silent Socks
    Chair leg floor protectors
    • In four colours and two sizes
    • Prevents scraping chair legs
    • Keeps your floor scratch-free

    Starting at £7.32

    (incl. tax)

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