Soundproof wooden window shutters

How to make soundproof wooden window shutters
In crowded cities or towns, nearby busy roads and streets, outdoor noise can be a real problem. One of two solutions is to install soundproof windows, which comes with a price. Also, the window frames have to be suitable for soundproof glass, and strict rules may apply to historic buildings, and therefore not an option. Another solution to insulate windows against outside noise is to make soundproof wooden window shutters. These can be installed both indoors and outdoors. An Acousticshop customer did just that, he made soundproof window shutters and mounted them on the inside of his historical house.

Short description
Take two layers of plywood, or a similar material, to make the windows shutters from, for each shutter a double layer. Use Isomat KE to insulate the plywood with. You do this by applying contact glue on the fiber inlay of the Isomat and a thin layer of glue on the plywood. Than add the second layer of plywood to the Isomat so you have a plywood panel, shutter, with Isomat in between. Next step is to use screws to fix these layers tightly together so it becomes a heavy and stiff panel. Use a few heavy duty hinges, and attach rubber strips, or draft strips, around the shutter to avoid sound leakage, a decorative profile gives the shutter a nice finish! 

Benefits of indoor soundproof shutters
Next to soundproofing, wooden window shutters also provide thermal insulation and darkens a room perfectly. Window shutters can also be mounted on the outside of a house, which is technically a bit better, but more subjective to maintenance. When constucted correctly soundproof window shutters are air tight, soundproof and light proof. 

Guide to make soundproof shutters
You can find a more detailed description on our tips page.  And if you need advice, just let us know, we are happy to help you. 

Products to soundproof indoor shutters


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