Resonances from, for example, the engine(s), propulsion, bow thruster or a generator can be passed on to the ship's hull. This can cause noise problems throughout the ship. We offer 3 ways to solve these problems.

  • Sound absorption
    The noise level of your vessel is reduced when you install sound absorption.

  • Sound insulation
    With sound insulation, you keep loud noises out of your vessel. That way you have less noise nuisance while sailing.

  • De-drumming
    The use of anti-drumming materials dampens vibrations in a sheet material. Due to the flexible and elastic properties, the vibration is not propagated further and is not returned to the vibrating sheet material. And this will mute the sound.

What of the above solution best suits your problem? Make the choice below and we will be happy to help you find the most suitable product to solve your problem.

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