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Playseat Racing Chair Vibration Insulation

Vibration insulation for a Playseat
Playing racing games with a racing wheel is nice, but for the real experience you clearly need to make use of a complete racing set, including a racing chair, wheel, padels, and a buttkicker! Except for the smell of burnt rubber, it's almost like you are driving in a real racing car. Using this equipment can, however, result in sound problems. Especially if the storey floor consists of a lightweight construction, like a wooden floor, handling the paddels and using the buttkicker can cause a sound problem. A customer's neighbour suffered from this problem, but together with we came up with a (double) solution.

Insulating the playseat
When insulating a vibration source, in this case a Playseat with a buttkicker, the goal is to interrupt the rigid connection between the vibration source and the floor. This interruption can be realised by applying vibration insulation material. The best product to insulate vibration is Regufoam. This product is made of high-quality polyurethane foam and has elasticity as its main property, even under continuous pressure. With the following 3 steps, the Playseat can be decoupled from the floor in order for the sound to be insulated. In and of itself, the Playseat is a fine product by the way, the sound issues are caused by the floor. 

  • Step 1: Measuring the carrier plateGamestoel isolatie
    A carrier plate is required to ensure that the Playseat stands stable. On top of this plate (multiplex or something similar with a thickness of ±12 mm) the Playseat is placed. Underneath the plate, pieces of Regufoam are placed. The carrier plate is necessary in order to distribute the pressure that is put on the Regufoam. We recommend making the plate about 10 centimeters wider and longer than the Playseat itself.
  • Step 2: Cutting Regufoam to sizeGamestoel trillingsvrij plaatsen
    In this example, the total load that is put on the Regufoam is about 100 kg, which includes the gamer. As for this application, you should make use of Regufoam D150 with a tickness of 25 mm (art.M0715). Cut two mats into blocks of  ± 100 x 100 x 25 mm, this yields 20 block. Then, you glue two blocks on top of each other, resulting in 10 blocks of 100 x 100 x 50 mm. Glueing works best using Sikaflex, a powerful mounting kit that remains flexible. Does the total weight exceed 100 kg? No problem, with 10 blocks you have plenty of ‘dampers’. 
  • Step 3: Placing the Regufoam blocksPlayseat isolatie
    Discovering the right placing of the Regufoam blocks is to  some extent an experiment. In the end, every situation is different in terms of weight and floor type. In this example, 7 blocks were used: 3 blocks at each side, and 1 additional block under the chair (which carries most of the weight). You can add more blocks in order to increase the resistance, thereby diminishing the rebound. Or, on the contrary, you can take blocks away to gain more rebound. Did you find the right composition? Now you can attach the blocks to the carrying plate using the mounting kit.

The comment and pictures we received from our customer. Only now we understood what was meant by "double solution":

As agreed, I took a few pictures. I hope they are helpful. The foam works perfectly with regards to sound insulation, and the slight rebound adds an extra dimension to the driving experience. As though I am driving in a car with suspension. Absolutely great!

Thanks again!

Floor insulation
Do your neighbours not only suffer from contact noise, but also from the sounds that are produced by your audio system? In that case it might be a good solution to opt for Akoestifloor, a 'floating' floor system that decouples the Playseat and shields your floor against airborne noise, rendering gaming music/sounds inaudible.


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