Ventilation dampers

Sound silencers for round air ducts

Circular air ducts in buildings that provide the supply or removal of air from, for example, ventilation or heat recovery units, transport noise from the unit or turbulence of colliding air or speech noise from an adjacent room. This sound is experienced as a whizzing sound or voice. This airborne noise can be solved thanks to the application of absorption material in the round air duct.

What silencer do I apply?

Inno silencers: These round silencers absorb the airborne noise coming from round air ducts. By placing several dampers in a row, the noise reduction can be increased. Thanks to the oval openings, the noise production of the damper itself remains low.
Aluphon 100 silencer: Thanks to this damper, the desired airflow is not blocked. The perforation leaves most of the noise in the damper while air has the free passage.

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