How to insulate car doors

Reduce driving noise and improve car audio at the same time
The doors of most vehicles nowadays are made of very thin sheet metal, just as the roof, floor and paneling. This results in audible noises, such as whooshing sound from airflow rushing over the bodywork and even vibrations from the engine. Even simple loudspeakers that came with the car can set doors and side panels in motion, resulting in poor audio quality.

How to insulate the doors of any vehicle
Insulating the doors of any vehicle is an easy job. We recommend to use Vibraflex Normal for most vehicles, to reduce driving noises and the improvement of car audio. For vehicles with a bit thicker doors and side panels and custom car audio, with subwoofers for example, we recommend to use Vibraflex Extreme for the best result. This insulation product is almost twice as thick and heavier.Bitumen damping sheets and sound deadener

Remove the door panels and upholstery and clean the surfaces you want to insulate thoroughly. Make sure that the product(s) are warmed up, at least to room temperature, so that it becomes supple enough to apply it like a sticker. Avoid air bubbles to get trapped between the Vibraflex sheets and the surface, this can cause rust and reduces the insulation. The pressure roller is very handy tool to apply anti-drumming products . On the Vibraflex product page you can see photos of doors insulated with these products.

Which product to use for door insulation
  • Perfect for the insulating of any vehicle doors and bodywork.
  • More suitable for thick bodywork, doors, wheel arches and doors. And for heavy car audio systems.  

These are the products to insulate your vehicle doors and side panels

How to insulate a vehicle
On our Vehicle Insulation page you find all the solutions and products for the insulation of any vehicle, cars, camper van or panel van. On our Tips & Tricks page we have multiple pages with guidelines and tips on car audio, Landrover and motorhome insulation. Need advice or product samples? Just let us know  by sending an email.