How to insulate a vehicles roof

Reduce whooshing air noise from the roof
You can hear sounds such as rain, hail and wind noise through the roof of almost any vehicle. The larger the roof, the more noise you will hear. The roof of motorhomes, camper vans and panel vans is often raised, and made of thin sheet metal, this elevation is less aerodynamic and very noisy. The problem is easy to solve, with only two products

How to insulate the roof of any vehicle?

Noise insulation
By covering the flat surfaces of a roof in the inside of your vehicle, for about 60 %, with an anti-drumming product, like Vibraflex Normal, most of the noise will disappear immediately. These light sheet metal panels vibrate very easily, just like the side panels, some sheets of Vibraflex will solve this matter in a few minutes of work.

Clean the surfaces very thoroughly, this very important, because of the weight of the Vibraflex sheets. Use only the Vibraflex Normal for this application! Make sure the product is about room temperature and make sure that there are no air bubbles between the roof and the Vibraflex sheets. Use our pressure roller to make sure the sheets stick to the roof.  

Thermal insulation
The roof can also be thermally insulated, which is often desirable in camper vans and motorhomes. Akotherm Basic is perfect for the thermal insulation of the roof, preferably as thick as possible. The thicker you make the stagnant layer of air in this thermal insulation product, the better the insulation will be. Make sure that there is a small air gap between the Akotherm and the roof for ventilation to avoid condensation.  

Products to insulate the roof of any vehicle

  1. Akotherm Basic
    Akotherm Basic
    Acoustic filling
    • Sound-absorbing polyester wool
    • Noise- and thermal insulating filling
    • Alternative to mineral wool types

    Starting at £6.59

    (incl. tax)
  2. Vibraflex Ontdreuning set
    Sound deadener sheets
    • Bitumen Damping sheets with added mass
    • Soundproofing, sound insulation deadener
    • Supple and self-adhesive

    Starting at £30.77

    (incl. tax)
  3. Pressure roller
    Pressure roller
    To apply anti-drumming sheets
    • For applying Vibraflex  
    • Prevents air bubbles
    • Non-slip handle

    Starting at £20.38

    (incl. tax)

How to insulate a vehicle
On our Vehicle Insulation page you find all the solutions and products for the insulation of any vehicle, cars, camper van or panel van. On our Tips & Tricks page we have multiple pages with guidelines and tips on car audio, Landrover and motorhome insulation. Need advice or product samples? Just let us know  by sending an email.