Thermal insulation for boats, yachts and ships

Thermal insulation for boats, yachts & ships
Thermal insulation for boats and yachts is different from acoustic insulation. We are specialist on acoustic solutions, before you insulate your boat thermally inform yourself about thermal insulation to avoid problems later on with condensation and moisture. With some of our products you can also insulate crafts against heat or cold. These are wool products made from polyester and cotton fibers. Ideal alternatives for traditional mineral wool products.

How to thermally insulate a boat
With Akotherm Basic you can thermally insulate a boat or yacht. Thermal insulation is basically creating a stagnant layer of air to hold warm or cold air. Akotherm is a polyester fiber wool and a great alternative to mineral wool. Akotherm is 100% recyclable, it doesn't itch or irritate, so it can also be used when the ship is already furnished. To insulate a boat you can apply Akotherm to the hull and other places where cold water or cold/warm air might influence the climate on board in a negative way.

It's important to understand that the entrapment of warm or cold air might result in some places in condensation or moisture. So in some places you might need to apply a special foil to regulate condensation. This why you need to inform yourself about the properties of thermal dynamics and insulation, since we only provide acoustical solutions for boats, yachts and ships.

Which products insulates warmth and cold?
We have two products that can be used to for thermal insulation. Akotherm Basic D20 and Acoustic Cotton Wool. Akotherm is less dense and will provide a better result thermally, while Acoustic Cotton is better in absorber lower frequencies, this product can give a better result in voids where sound can travel true. If you like a product sample just let us know.

Products to thermally insulate boats, yachts and ships


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