How to mute ventilation noise

Muting ventilation noise Inno dempers
The supply of air, for example from a heat recovery installation, can sometimes be accompanied by some turbulence from the (round) air duct. The valve in the ceiling also sometimes produces a whooshing air noise, which can start to be annoying in the long run. You can easily absorb this airborne noise by taking absorbing measures in the air duct, for example by mounting foam products or Inno dampersInno dampers have been developed for applications in round air ducts. These foam dampers are equipped with removable plugs with which you can regulate the air flow.

Apply Inno dampers
Remove all plugs from the mufflers and place the first muffler in the duct, how deep inside doesn't matter that much. Place the next damper with a spacing of approximately 10 cm from the previous damper. Use the black side of the damper facing the room.

Apply absorption materials
Square or rectangular ducts can also be equipped with Acousticcell or Merfocell Burlfoam on the inside. These self-adhesive products are generally applicable and provide the absorption of airflow noise close to the exit of the duct. Acousticcell and Merfocell Burl do not have a top layer, which means that the absorption value is maximum, use these products only in case of clean and dry air. Situations with moisture, grease or dirt require absorption materials with a protective top layer. In that case, it is best to choose Acousticcell PU

Below you will find the described products to dampen ventilation noise


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